Saturday, August 12, 2023

Touchdown Camp 2023

Here is the introduction of the Touchdown Camp 2023! Join us!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Touchdown Camp 2023

We are so fortunate to have camp again this year 2023. Thank you Heavenly Father! This year someone donated for food and supplies for Touchdown Camp for kids. YAY! And we need a little more help in funding for T-Shirts and theme material to get us going. Camp this year is in Monday, July 24 to Friday 28th and the following Sunday. So let us do this 3 weeks before camp takes place.

Thank you for your kind generosity. God Bless you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Touchdown Camp August 2022

It is an exciting time of the year as we embarked with the Touchdown camp of 2022 at Verbo, Redwood City, CA. This camp is so well organized and I love how the team leaders in orange T-Shirts are taking care of the kids in a smaller scale giving the attention they need.

Thank you everyone for making this a possibility, may it be funding, or in service, or volunteering, you guys ROCK! This year the theme is based on the Monument Valley in Utah, camping in the red caves!

I was recently there for a road trip and it just blows your mind that such massive, huge mountains can be created to such perfect beauty even in years of erosion. God's creation is indeed abundant and amazing! 

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Touchdown Camp Coming Up

 Hello Everyone,

August Touchdown Camp is 2022 is coming up!

Join us and get involvein Touchdown Camp in Redwood City, CA. this summer. Making a better world for our children and our future. You can donate any amount as we need $15,000 to sustain the camp and kids. That includes food, backpacks and supplies.

Also you can volunteer your expertise through teaching kids, organise games or food.

Please email Patty Cardona to resgister at   |    Or call: (650) 771-4943

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

From the President, Patty Cardona

Hello Everyone,
Blessings to all of you. We enjoyed this morning with the visit of Sue (far right, end) to Verbo and give to Monserrat Munoz (second girl to the left), the check of $1000 for her college.The Munoz family is so grateful with Lost sheep ministry. And they know this is a provision from our God who always provided for their needs.

Later we call some of the young girls to be witness and share the happiness of Monserrat and they be motivated to continue study as the example of Monserrat.

Thank you all! We are grateful for the provisions!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Touchdown Camp in Tracy 2021

Isn't it wonderful that camp has expand to Tracy?
That was recent in August 2nd to 6th 2021. Nothing is impossible indeed with Jesus! 
I love the way each camp has a theme for camp. For Tracy's it is God's Wonder Lab. 

Thank you everyone for making this possible for the kids. Setting up camp is a lot of work, funding and volunteers and with Jesus spirit that touch our hearts, anything is indeed possible! YES!

Friday, July 30, 2021

Verbo Touchdown Camp 2021- Rocky Railway

Praise God, we had an incredible summer camp event - the Rocky Railway–Touchdown Camp, with the kids in Redwood City, CA. We are so grateful to everyone who had contributed to the camp and enable us to have camp this summer for the kids. Whether it was funding or in volunteer in service, you are being so blessed for all your kindness and help. You know the Lord sees your good deeds and you will be rewarded.

Kids attending the camp event

Kids in masks for safety in CV19 season

Kids posing in front of handmade innovative train

Kids having lunch

More kids having spagetti

Kids collaborating at sports

Huh? What?

Rocky Railway camp theme on stage

Team leader professing

There is so much involvement in organizing the camp. Like the preparation of food for 3 days, preparing the backpacks, planning the itinerary for the 3 days, preparing the sports and crafts things, inviting people to come give inspirational talks, prepared the theme for the camp all in loo to teach the kids about Jesus, intermingle with each other, learn and discover. 

Food Preparation

Team Leader Volunteers

It is also amazing to see that the teen kids who attended the camp before, come back to lead the younger kids in the camp games or crafts. Camp really does good for the kids. It teaches leadership, responsibility, accountability, love, kindness, faith and hope. Camps gives opportunities and a safe heaven for our American children. 

Performance on Stage

After camp there was a Sunday service and the kids perform with all the life-stuffed animals on stage. Elaine, one of our board of directors gave a brief talk about what Project Lost Sheep was about and how the Lord touches our hearts to think of others instead of ourselves. 

Team leader speaking for the Lord

Cops giving a talk

After camp, kids saying a prayer of thanks

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Summer Camp: Rocky Railway is Here!

So happy to announce that Verbo is having the annual Touchdown camp for "at risk" kids again this year. We have been having this Touchdown Camp for the past 10 years. It was amazing how we did it, and so many times, we did not have enough funds or food or volunteers but in the last minute, the Lord always comes through for us. Talking about faith, we are a walking testimony, ask everyone!

It was a hard time last year and we did not have camp for the kids with the pandemic and all. Patty Cardona is heading this camp in July 19th to July 23rd 2021. With the Lord's help, he comes through for us again. We ask for and appreciate more support in funds and volunteers. Thank you Everyone ahead of time!

This mission is important because we are building good moral and character in our kids by having these camp. It is not just play and crafts, we teach the love of Jesus in ways that kids can understand. Yes this is Bible based, for we believe that Jesus is about LOVE. Love God with all our hearts, minds and soul. Love our neighbor as ourselves by putting others first, is a very important part of child development.

We want our future Americans to be kind, giving, considerate, unselfish, caring, tolerant, everything that 1Corinthians:23 teaches us. Unlike the world as we know today, we have become more into ourselves and into the me... me... me syndrome. The world will become a better place if more of us think about others first, in the work place, at home, at church or social gatherings. Would you like that? I know I would!

Patty Cardona
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